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Towing Services

Towing Services

Car Towing

We have tow trucks such as wheel lift, flatbed and heavy-duty wreckers to different towing tasks. With our comprehensive fleet of tow trucks, we can tow cars such as Ford, Audi, Honda, Toyota and more. From motorcycles, cars, RVs to semi-trucks, we can move them to the location you desire. Serving with efficiency and professionalism, we can assist you in any roadside problems you might be facing. Top Towing North Hollywood is your best choice for both towing and roadside assistance. With our fast and quality services, you can expect the best from us.

Towing Services - Motorcycle Towing
If you need motorcycle towing, look for Top Towing North Hollywood. We offer our customers with professional and fast services in the area. Whether your ride is a Suzuki, Harley-Davidson or a regular bike, we can provide professional towing that you can rely on. We provide all the needs for a smooth and safe tow. For instance, we use flatbed tow trucks to transport the motorcycles, and we utilize tools such locks or straps to fasten the bike to the truck. With our years of experience in handling different vehicles, you can be sure your motorcycle will be safely transported. Whether you have a mechanical fault on the motorcycle or you are involved in a traffic accident, we can provide the assistance you need.
Exotic Car Towing

When you are taking your favorite sports car or exotic car for a ride, the unexpected happened; it broke down. Whether it is a GT-R, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or a vintage exotic car, we know it feels terrible have your favorite car broke down, leaving you stranded on the road. Exotic cars or sports cars are assets or investments to the car owners which must be treated with best possible care. The emotional attachment for certain car owners to these vehicles means that there should not be any mistakes or damage done to them. We care about protecting your precious rides, thus if you need safe and fast towing service, contact us and let us help you.

Heavy Duty Towing

We provide reliable and professional heavy-duty towing with our complete fleet of heavy tow trucks and recovery equipment. Our heavy-duty towing team offers friendly, fast and affordable services with affordable rates. We can tow vehicles such as semi-trucks, buses, heavy equipment, vans, RVs, motorhomes and more. Our team is ready 24-hour daily to give you the assistance you need. In most cases, people who request for heavy-duty towing are often in difficult situations. Thus, we take our tasks seriously, knowing the possible dangers that might lie within. Every single job we handle with extreme caution in order to deliver a safe and smooth tow for our customers.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is one of the safest methods of towing. It is a bed on hydraulics which allows the vehicle to be driven up onto the flatbed or ramp, and then lowered horizontally. Because of its stability this method is highly recommended for long distance transport. If you need a reliable towing service to move your vehicle with the use of a flatbed, we are ready any time to accommodate your needs. Let our service team help you tow your vehicle quickly and smoothly.

Towing Services - Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is a common method of towing for short distances. There are many advantages to using such method. The wheel lift works with the metal yokes to lift and support the weight by its tires, whereas the traditional hook and chain towing methods may cause damage with chains wrapping around the axles of the disabled vehicle. Wheel lift towing is also more maneuverable, which allow vehicles to move through tight spots. As one of the easiest methods of towing, wheel lift towing can provide results with minimum effort or tools without causing damage to vehicles. If you need wheel lift towing, you can contact our 24-hour hotline for our assistance.

Towing Services

Tow Dollies

We provide tow dolly services which are both efficient and effective. A tow dolly is a metal contraption which is connected to the towed vehicle by a connector. Tow dolly has slits where the front wheels of the vehicle can fit into. The front wheels are secured firmly onto the tow dolly to prevent possible damage. Our tow dollies together with our fleet of trucks and skilled drivers can perform swift towing experience.