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Wheel Lift Towing

Highly Mobile and Efficient for Removing Vehicles in Small and Tight Spaces

Wheel lift towing is a common method of towing for short distances. There are many advantages to using such method. It is much easier and maneuverable in allowing vehicles to move through small spaces and tight spots. For instance, if a car is parallel parked, one must find a way to remove the car without causing damage to nearby cars. This is when wheel lift tow truck comes in, it can quickly remove the car with ease. As it is simpler methods among other towing, minimum effort and equipment is required to give great results.

Wheel Lift Towing

Good for Two-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Possible vehicle damage is reduced to minimum and two-wheel drive vehicles can also be moved out from small spaces. Wheel lift towing is suitable for certain types of vehicles. If your vehicle is a two-wheel drive car, the wheel lift method is suitable for you.

Wheel lift towing has helped our towing team transported many vehicles efficiently daily. Although wheel lift tow truck may look small, but it actually is packed with great power. Whenever needed in a towing situation, we will deploy it for smooth and trouble-free towing. If you need wheel lift towing, you can contact our 24-hour hotline for our assistance.

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