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Writing a Resume for Towing Business or Towing Industry


If you have an interest in obtaining a profession as a tow truck driver, it’s imperative you develop a solid resume to present to various tow truck companies. Need some advice regarding how to make your resume stand out from the pack? Read on for suggestions to improve your resume!

1. Contact Info

First of all, you need to furnish your relevant contact information. Provide your full name, contact number or mobile, email address and home address if possible. Without providing the information, your prospective employer may not be able to contact you for the job.

2. Introducing Yourself

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and endear the employer. Let them know what your passion is, duration of work in the towing industry, and other relevant work experiences. If you are new to the industry, explain how you will be motivated to learn and why you particularly desire to work with the company.

3. Relevant Work Experience

List your past work experience in the towing industry if you have any. Include the name of the company, address, your last job or work position in that company, the descriptions of your duties, how long you have worked in the company and reference contacts from the previous business. Should you have testimonials, be sure to provide them to enhance your resume.

On the other hand, if you do not have any experience, do not worry. A number of tow truck companies provide on-site training. Some even expect you to go pass their training programs to ensure you can keep up with the standards of the company.

You can also consider obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in addition to the resume.

4. Education Levels

Provide an outline of your education history. List down the education history; starting from the highest level. Include the name of schools, locations, dates, and duration attended. If you have any automotive technician or mechanical training, be sure to add those pieces of information as well.

5. Miscellaneous Information

You may want to add any relevant skills you learned from previous jobs, classes, jobs, or by yourself. Make sure the skills are relevant to the profession or position you are applying for. They may attract the attention of your potential employers during the initial hiring stage.

Provide a list of valid licenses you obtained. The required licenses will differ from state to state; thus check online to be certain that you have the right licenses for your area.

The above tips will greatly enhance your resume and your chance to start or progress with your career in the towing industry.

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